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Troop 7369's 17th Semi-Annual Merit Badge University

  • 14 Dec 2019
  • 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 13807 Poplar Tree Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151


  • Register and make payment directly on the MBU site. This registration is for a headcount and carpool only.

Registration is closed

Please note: this registration page is for Troop 1097 Scouts for the sole purpose of knowing who's going. This does NOT register you for the actual Merit badge day. You must register for merit badges by clicking the link below.

Merit Badges as of Oct 2019
Activity Session Location Prerequisites Min. Age Class Fee Max in Class Seats Available Counselor  
Animation PM Session   See registration packet 10 15 15 Not Known Not Known
Astronomy All Day   See registration packet 13 0 0 Not Known Not Known
Chess AM Session   See registration packet 10 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Community* AM Session   See registration packet 13 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Nation* AM Session   See registration packet 13 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the Nation* PM Session   See registration packet 13 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Citizenship in the World* AM Session   See registration packet 13 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Cooking* All Day   See registration packet 13 $25 18 18 Not Known Not Known
Electronics PM Session   See registration packet 12 $25 8 8 Not Known Not Known
Personal Management* AM Session   See registration packet 13 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Photography PM Session   See registration packet 10 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Programming AM Session   See registration packet 10 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Public Health AM Session   See registration packet 10 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Salesmanship PM Session   See registration packet 11 9 9 Not Known Not Known
Space Exploration All Day   See registration packet 10 $15 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Sustainability* All Day   See registration packet 12 12 12 Not Known Not Known
Sponsor Information

Troop 7369 is looking forward to hosting our 17th Semi-Annual Merit Badge Univsersity (MBU) on December 14th.  We welcome all scouts that would like to participate.  We will be offering a variety of merit badges that range from recreational to academic to those that will aide the boys on their paths to becoming Eagle Scouts.   In addition, they will have the opportunity make new friends and develop academic skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership skills, and citizenship skills that influence their adult lives.  Please refer to the registration packet for the full list of pre-requisites that apply to each merit badge.


Merit Badge University will take place from 7:30am - 5:00pm.  There are a variety of merit badges to choose from across 3 sessions (AM, PM, or All Day).  All participating scouts must complete a permission slip along with a MBU registration and pay the registration fee along with any additional materials/lab fees for their selected merit badges.  Scouts are expected to read the Merit Badge Book before MBU, bring their merit badge worksheet and merit badge blue card signed by their Scout Master to MBU

Please complete the registration document and submit with your payment.  The registration packet can be downloaded by clicking on the following link

The schedule will be as follows:

Scout/Volunteer Check-in                        7:30am

Opening Ceremony                                7:45am

AM Session                                          8:00am - 12:00pm

All Day Session (1st Half)                      8:00am - 12:00pm

Lunch                                                  12:00pm - 1:00pm

PM Session                                          1:00pm - 5:00pm

All Day Session (2nd Half)                     1:00pm - 5:00pm

Check Out/Pick Up                                5:00pm - 5:15pm

NOTE:  If you are registering for this event, you are also agreeing to a photo release, which may or may not be used in the future. Photos may be taken of individuals or Scouts in groups. (Included on Registration Documents)

You must also agree to release Scouts for medical treatment, if the need should arise. (Included on Registration Documents)

Counselor Information

Thank you for being a merit badge counselor.  At the end of the day, please present your roster with the notes regarding completion or partial completion of the merit badge by each scout.   Thank you for allowing the scouts to follow up with you in the event they do not complete the merit badge.

Some merit badges may result in a partial completion at the end of the day depending on requirements which may require completion outside of the scheduled event.  These will be identified if it is known in advance by the counselor.

Unit Sign-up Instructions

NOTE: If you registered for a previous Merit Badge University with us than your Unit's Login ID and Password should be valid to use again.  

To register:

1. Click on the “Register New User” link at the top of the page.

2. Fill in the State, Council, District, Unit Type, and Unit Number for your Unit. If your unit number is not already listed, enter it in the space provided and click “Add”.

3. Enter your personal information. If you are a unit leader or parent, jump to the bottom of the page and click “Add User”. If you are a Merit Badge Counselor, please fill in the associated fields, select “Register as a Merit Badge Counselor”, and click “Add User”

To sign up your scout(s) :

1. Click “Sign On” at the top of the page; enter email address and password.

2. If you are not taken to the Upcoming Events Page, click the Events tab at the top of the page.

3. For a list of all the merit badges being offered, sessions available, prerequisites, and number of seats open click on Troop 7369 Merit Badge University(you cannot sign up for the classes from this page)

4. From the Events page, click on the “Sign Up” link on the line for Troop 7369 Merit BadgeUniversity (very right side of the page).

5. Enter the information for each scout (name, age, guardian phone number, guardian email, session number, and requested badge. Click “Add” located right under the session block. If signing up a scout for more than one badge, ensure the name and guardian email are entered identically or the system will see it as a different participant and a second event fee will be added.

6. Note: at least one adult listed at the bottom of the page under Unit Leader Roster must be listed as attending event (choose select/unselect to change attendance event status). This is a limitation in the program.

7. Log out and send payment as directed.



A Scout must BE PREPARED. It is the responsibility of the Scout to complete all requirements and pre-requisites for any merit badge he chooses to work on. The counselor is only there to provide assistance and additional information to the Scout concerning that merit badge.


All Scouts are expected to have completed the pre-requisite requirements on their own prior to attending the merit badge class. If a scout has not completed the pre-requisites then they will not be able to receive full credit on the day of the event and will be responsible to complete them at a later date.  NONE OF THE INFORMATION SHOULD BE TOTALLY NEW. Scouts are expected to have read the merit badge booklet and bring a printed copy of the merit badge worksheet to class for note taking and showing pre-requisite work, as needed.

Tardiness is not permitted. Scouts arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to enter the classroom. No refunds will be issued for Scouts who do not attend class due to tardiness.

Scouts are expected to participate in all class discussions. Scouts should ask questions, and be ready to answer questions when asked. We reserve the right to call on any Scout to answer questions about the material, even if he does not volunteer.

Should the Scout not do the work to complete a requirement for the merit badge, it is his responsibility to complete it before it will be signed off on by the counselor. While much of the required material is presented during the workshops, that does not count as the Scout having completed it.

Scouts wishing to register for the First Aid merit badge workshop (when offered) must have current knowledge of all first aid requirements for Tenderfoot Rank, Second Class Rank, and First Class Rank. SORRY NO EXCEPTIONS.

Blue cards

In order to receive credit for a merit badge, students must bring their blue card to all classes and must have completed all requirements. The blue card must be filled out completely by the Scout.  Blue cards must be signed by the Scoutmaster of the Scout's troop before counselors will sign off on it. 

Questions or concerns

For comments, questions, or concerns following the event you may either contact our troop directly or the National Capital Area Council at the following:

Renee Geary                                                                       Hondo David

Troop 7369 MBU Dean                                                        National Capital Area Council                                       

Payment Instructions for the Unit

Registration fee is for the entire day (1 or 2 sessions) and includes lunch and snacks.

Registration deadline is December 7th.

Cost: $25 when paid in advance or $30 when paid the day of the event plus any activity fee for the selected merit badge(s).

Registration Forms:  Must be received in advance (on or before December 7th, 2019) to guarantee your seat in the class.  Late and walk-in registrations will be processed at MBU check-in on a space available basis.   Payment is preferred in advance to expedite everyone's check-in the morning of the event.

Refunds/Cancelations:  No refunds will be issued for registration fees paid after the registration period ends due to a cancelation or a no show on the day of the event.  If a participant cancels their participation after the registration period ends the amount paid will be earmarked as a scholarship donation and used to help a scout in need attend a future merit badge university event. 

Registration Documents

Registration documents should be completed, scanned and emailed to

Preferred payment method is online via PayPal on the site.

If you must send payment by check or money order it must be sent with a copy of the registration documents and payment (or online payment receipt) to:

Note: Please include troop # and Scout's name in note area of check or money order

Troop 7369
c/o Renee Geary
13221 Pennypacker Lane
Fairfax VA 22033

Registration Documents required for Participation (if paid online than please include a copy of payment receipt).  
Directions to the Event

From the Beltway:

Take Rt 66 West to Rt. 50 West (Fair Oaks Mall exit)

Stay on Rt. 50 West for about 4 miles

Just past the Greenbriar shopping center, turn left on Stringfellow Rd.

Go about 2 miles and turn right on Poplar Tree Road

Go about 1 mile and you will see the church and school on the left side

Check-in is in the School Cafeteria at the back of the parking lot.

Release Information
We reserve the right to limit registration for any class and the Merit Badge Counselor will determine the minimum age for students to enroll in the course in an effort to ensure that the requirements can be completed in the scheduled amount of time by all scouts. We also reserve the right to cancel a course or activities as needed. All registrations will be taken on a first registered and paid, first served basis. 

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